Cloud Services

A new generation, interoperable e-FDP system
compliant with Single European Sky regulations.


air traffic management services

Coflight Cloud Services, with its innovative concept of remote delivery of data services to ANSPs, guarantees access to high-performance systems regardless of ANSP size.

Working to meet Single European Sky challenges and is aligned with the values and ambitious of the SESAR program.

Providing an innovative customer-centric service developed by and for ANSPs to answer their specific needs.

Driving the digital transformation of aviation with its package of advanced interoperable remote flight data processing services.

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CCS is involved through several missions

«Innovation is driving our ambition. Coflight Cloud Services modernizes the industry and lay the groundwork for the future with the integration of new services. CCS is involved through several missions»

page1image66636416page1image66636608 Next-generation system

Develop a range of innovative functions for optimal performance.

page1image66636416page1image66636608 Accessible system

Fit for all types of air traffic management providers.

page1image66636416page1image66636608 ANSPs collaboration

Foster this collaboration between large and small ANSPs with the aim of building European ATM.

page1image66636416page1image66636608 Customer-centric process

Define the development of new SWIM services for efficient operating modes in the future via a collaborative customer-centric process that accounts for the needs of ANSPs.

page1image66636416page1image66636608 Single European Sky

Take it to the next level and make traffic more fluid by delivering a fully standardized service package.

page1image66636416page1image66636608 SWIM

Make CCS interfaces public through SWIM to facilitate the development of partners’ and clients’ applications.


page1image66636416page1image66636608 Environment

Use CCS technological advance to reduce the environmental impact of the aviation sector.

page1image66636416page1image66636608 Safety

Improve the safety and security of users and empower ANSPs with greater flexibility.

page1image66636416page1image66636608 Cost-Sharing model

Reduce costs for ANSPs through a new cost-sharing economic model.

“CCS initiative is the best fitting contribution to the strategic transformation of skyguide, as it will propose the flight data processing (FDP) information provision as a remote service delivered by DSNA and ENAV platforms acting as ADSPs directly to skyguide ATSUs. Through an appropriate service-oriented approach adequately interfaced with the Enterprise Service Bus platform deployed by skyguide, it will allow the Swiss ANSP to keep its specific transformation agility for the upstream part (the ATSU) while relying on the benefits of economical scalability and services’ mutualization on the downstream part (the ADSP).”

Klaus Meier

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Skyguide

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