Coflight Cloud Services (CCS) began with a brilliant idea that no one from the ATM community believed in but  which already existed in  the banking sector. Daniel Weder, the former CEO of skyguide, imagined creating a unique concept, the Virtual Center based on a single data center to feed two ops rooms.
Skyguide took advantage of collaboration within the scope of the functional airspace block (FABEC) and solicited the help of major ANSPs with an official request to the DSNA. The French ANSP studied the project and was convinced of its huge transformative potential in particular in terms of the digitalization of ATM. Hence,  DSNA came on board with skyguide.

ENAV as a long-term technical partner of DSNA on Coflight joined the collaboration with its own client, MATS.
The feasibility study completed in 2014 didn’t show any blocking points from a legal, economic, security or safety standpoint. And that was the start of the Coflight Cloud Services adventure: an innovative flight plan data processing service to empower ANSPs with greater flexibility.

Together the four partners are co-building the project and venturing into new areas to bring ATM into the future.

More information about this strong partnership here.