“A strong partnership between ANSPs, working for ANSPs”

CCS is developed by DSNA (France) and ENAV (Italy), two of the leading air navigation services providers in Europe which together have a deep understanding of the operation of air navigation systems. The project is run in close cooperation with partners acting as clients, Skyguide (Switzerland) and MATS (Malta), to meet industry requirements.

Together, the four partners are co-building the project and venturing into new areas to bring ATM into the future. Discover how CCS was born here.

DSNA (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne) provides air traffic services for flights leaving and arriving at French airports and in French airspace, including airspace areas over the Atlantic and Mediterranean, appointed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), except for zones allocated to the Geneva and Jersey control centres. It also operates in French Overseas Departments and Collectivities. Its priorities are flight safety, environmental protection (reduction of noise and gas emissions), the punctuality of flights and control of the cost of its services.
The DSNA handled 3.2 million flights in 2018 and recorded the traffic peak day record in Europe: 11,105 flights on 6 July 2018.

ENAV is the Italian air navigation service provider for civil air traffic and ensures the safety and punctuality of millions of passengers flying in the Italian airspace. With around 2 million controlled flights per year on an airspace measuring 732,000 sq.km. and peaks of more than 6,800 flights per day during summer, ENAV provides the airlines flying in Italian skies with air navigation services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Skyguide provides air navigation services in Switzerland and in the adjacent airspace of neighbouring countries. Each year, this ANSP guides 1.2 million civil and military flights safely and efficiently through the most complex airspace in Europe.

The CCS community :

a collaborative customer-focused experience

Coflight User Group

CCS partners invite new customers to join CCS through a progressive collaborative approach. You participate in a customer-oriented approach from definition phase to daily operations by being part of a Coflight User Group, with objectives to define future service. To have more information’s, please contact us.

The partners are sharing the same pro-active vision

for the future ATM :

Innovation-driven performance

Interoperable, modular and resilient, CCS provides the superior performance, agility and safety that the ATM community needs in a sector continually challenged by the growth of air traffic.


In a sector where lifecycle is very long, the project leaders want to introduce new ways of working to get from idea to deployment faster. They implement the SAFe agility framework to deliver value sooner.

Anticipating change

The world is changing, new technologies and regulations are being implemented all the time and air traffic management methods must evolve to keep up. CCS, which provides continually updated, improved FDP services, has the capacity to bring ATM into the future.