“The world is evolving and we are committed to enabling the ATM community to change with it.”

CCS, the result of a winning collaboration between the DSNA, ENAV, skyguide and MATS, represents an unprecedented technological advance for the ATM community.

ATM, time for a change

To answer new societal and environmental challenges and technological advances, the ATM community must evolve. There has been a concerted effort over the past few years to improve the performance of air traffic management.


These efforts have culminated with the development of Coflight, the most advanced flight plan processing system currently on the market, combining high-level performances and predictability.

CCS, with its innovative concept of remote delivery of data services to ANSPs, guarantees access to these high-performance systems regardless of ANSP size.

Harmonizing services across Europe

One of the missions of CCS is to defragment air traffic control systems. Open architecture and interoperable, CCS is actively working:

»To meet Single European Sky Objectives

»To achieve the goals and vision of SESAR

»To ultimately achieve seamless airspace

“Unrivalled advantages to take ATM to the next level Superior performance.”

WHY switch to CCS ?

CCS offers the most advanced technology to push forward the digital transformation of aviation.


CCS ensures interoperability allowing seamless exchange of digital information between all ATC actors through SWIM and IOP concept.

Compliant with the latest standards

CCS is compliant with Single European Sky implementing rules and SWIM.


CCS guarantees service continuity, provides safeguards in the event of cyber-attacks and achieves optimal security through its security operations center.

Reduced investment and operating costs

With its advanced capabilities, CCS allows several ANSPs to remotely use the same system to deliver FDP services, offering a new economic model for sharing investment and operating costs.


» CCS improves trajectory prediction, allows more flexible trajectory planning and allows free route thus limiting flight time and reducing CO2 emissions.

» CCS reduces infrastructures, DATA centers, electricity consumption and logistic.

Unprecedented flexibility

CCS services are:

» Open-architecture, modular and interoperable, for maximum flexibility and agility. With CCS, you define the offer according to your specific requirements, without having to take on the full package.

» CCS guarantees technological system updates and regulatory compliance, empowering clients to focus on their core activities.