Our offers

With Coflight Cloud Services (CCS), you can define the offer according to your specific requirements, without having to take on the full package. 

The CCS offering includes 5 services :

Operational service

Comprehensive, main service to operate real-time flight plan data processing.  

The operational service provides all the information and support you need to ensure air traffic control services in real-time in your own ACC. As a first step, only the civil part of the En-Route traffic is concerned (communication with adjacent approach is in the scope and will be addressed in further steps). 

This main service delivers the operational services processed by Coflight eFDP to the Customer(s) ATCOs, FDOs, Operational supervisors and technical supervisors every day (24/7). 

Technical Integration Service

Allows system development, technical integration and testing activities. Optional.

Technical integration offers services and support to enable to test any version or modification of your own ATM system during development phase, while taking into account CCS services (CCS dataset, under-development version of other components, etc.).This service is available mainly on business days (5 days a week maximum, during business hours).

Validation Service

Allows to validate the quality of datasets. Optional. 

The Validation service provides services and support to enable its own validation activities. It concerns any new version of ATM system (CCS or other component(s)) before any deployment. The validation environment on the CCS side is as representative as possible of the operational environment, in order to reduce the risks of a gap between what has been validated and what will be operated after deployment on the operational platform. 

Available mainly on business days (5 days a week maximum, during business hours). 


Provides ATCO training system with 4D trajectories. Optional 

The Training service provides supports to enable your own simulation and training activities, training the staff in CCS functionalities in your own environment. 

Available mainly on business days (5 days a week maximum, during business hours) and can be used at the same time as the validation service. 

Contingency Service

Service to increase cyber resilience – a backup mode in an alternate country. Optional.

The Contingency service ensures a back-up system providing the on-line services of the operational mission, in case the Provider in charge of the operational mission is no longer capable of providing an acceptable CCS level of service. The CCS Contingency service is triggered and provided when CCS operational services (encompassed in the Operational Service) are no longer suitable for real-time operations in case of failure or maintenance. This mission ends when the CCS Primary system is fully recovered, available and operating. 

In case of major failure in the CCS Primary system, the Contingency service re-establishes based on a CCS Contingency system, an optimal and sufficient CCS operational level of service until the recovery of the CCS Primary system. Available every day 24/7 when activated.