The first CCS service called “technical integration” covers the essential Coflight services, including FDO coordination. Skyguide, the first CCS customer and partner, is developing the components to connect the interoperable CCS system. As a result, flight data (flight plans, radars…) are retrieved to be merged and shared.

The Swiss ANSP plans a final development of its system for 2024.

Defining the trajectory calculation environment

As soon as all components are developed, the customer will be able to start “service validation,” the second step of CCS. The service configuration is carried out through the preparation of the dataset, the validation and the loading of the data into the system.

This validation step is important: it enables live tests to be implemented with air traffic controllers who check the consistency of the information transmitted and adjust the trajectory calculation according to Coflight.

A “tape recorder” functionality in training service

When the first two steps are validated, CCS offers the training service option. The CCS system is therefore technically connected and validated. The training service provides the necessary features to launch the training of ATCOS by giving them the connection to simulation mode of Coflight.

Within this service, the tape recorder functionality offers optimal training freedom: the instructor can pause and/or rewind to provide explanations directly from the simulation screens.

Operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The CCS system has been developed to be resilient. CCS guarantees immediate service availability in the event of a failure with the same level of requirement. The operational service will be certified by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) to operate correctly in line with safety regulations. In addition, the surveillance authorities test the security and resilience of the system by simulating cyber-attacks via test penetration. The flaws are thus directly identified and repaired to avoid attacks.

However, there is no such thing as risk 0. To ensure maximum safety, CCS provides for the deployment of a back-up system to respond in the event of a major failure through the contingency service. This backup service quickly takes over the operational situation. While the rescue team. which are specialized in identifying & removing viruses will rebuild the system. Such a backup centre ensures the same level of service to be achieved in the event of a major crisis (blackout, fire…).