CCS is proud to be published in the first issue of the year of Air Traffic Management magazine. Don’t miss page 19 in the section “Shared Airspace” featuring the double-page article entitled “European Union”.
Written by Guillaume Ramonet, Coflight Program Director and one of the masterminds of the CCS project on behalf of DSNA (French ANSP), the article offers an overview of the current challenges facing Europe’s still highly fragmented airspace.

CCS is presented as a key enabler that will contribute to the defragmentation of the European Sky, thanks to its new generation remote Flight Data Processing system giving all ANSPs – whatever their size – the possibility to access high performance, interoperable ATM systems.

Among other issues, the article explains:

  • The unique nature of the CCS international partnership based on a collaborative approach involving DSNA, ENAV and skyguide who are pooling their strengths to meet ANSP needs.
  • How CCS is achieving Airspace Architecture Study (AAS) and Single European Sky (SES) objectives
  • What makes the CCS service concept different and the expected benefits to ATM users and the ATM community.

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