We would like to take the opportunity of the official signature of the first service contract with skyguide by the 3 CEOs of ENAV, skyguide and DSNA on July 1st to look back at some CCS milestones and take stock of how much we have achieved so far.
From the inception of CCS in 2014 with the brilliant virtual center concept of Daniel Weder, CEO of skyguide, to our teams’ successful deployment of Step 1 Technical Integration in March 2020 and the signature of the 1st service contract on July 1st, we have many reasons to be proud and inspired to continue to work to achieve the Single European Sky.

July 1st, 2020
The official signing of the service provision contract for CCS Technical Integration of Coflight Cloud Services

The contract was signed by Alex Bristol, CEO of skyguide, Maurice Georges, the CEO of DSNA, and Paolo Simioni, the CEO of ENAV.
With this milestone, CCS teams are extremely proud to announce the official launch of the 1st service contract of Coflight Cloud Services.

March: 2020
Deployment of Step I, on time and on target

Skyguide, the first customer and partner in the CCS project, signed the contract for the commissioning of Step 1, the development and delivery of the first level of CCS service, Technical Integration. As a result, the Swiss ANSP will benefit from an upgrade of the system at the end of 2020.

CCS achieves SWIM compliant status to build the Single European Sky

Thanks to close collaboration between DSNA, ENAV, and SWIM Governance, the Coflight Cloud Services team announced that CCS is part of the first candidate SWIM service published in the European registry.
Implementation of the agile Safe method as well as successful international cooperation has enabled this first positive achievement in a relatively short time at the European level.

February 2020
Coflight achieves compliance with the BADA User Manual bringing new value to CCS

On February 3rd, the Eurocontrol Aircraft Performance expert confirmed that Coflight respected all algorithms and other guidelines provided through the BADA User Manual. The conformity of Coflight implementation also highlights the system’s performance in terms of prediction and precision of flight trajectories. This was an important step for CCS, which benefits from Coflight improvements.

January 2020
CCS teams earn recognition at the ATM Awards in both Research & Innovation and the Environment

Through the participation of CCS teams in the PJ 16.03 SESAR program, CCS is proud to be associated with THALES winning 1st place in the Research and Innovation category of the ATM Awards.
CCS is also proud of being selected for 3rd place in the Environment category of the ATM Awards. Achieving better environmental performance is one of the core objectives of CCS which improves trajectory prediction, and allows more flexible planning and enhanced free route thus reducing travel distance and CO2 emissions.

December 2019
CCS Team building workshops in Paris: Agility in Action

The teambuilding workshops highlighted the international collaboration and Agile approach which characterize CCS, empowering teams to answer the needs of ANSPs while contributing to the defragmentation of the European sky.

October 2019
CCS demonstrates proven performance at Frequentis Executive Day

During the SESAR Virtual Centre Executive Demo Day in Vienna in October 2019, CCS data center was connected to 3 HMIs from different suppliers located in different places over Europe. It was a great performance for the development team to show around 100 flights using the interoperable system simultaneously.

2018: CCS partners’ agreement to cover current STEP1 implementation phase

2017: Coflight As a Service becomes Coflight Cloud Services
With this step a new identity was developed for Coflight Cloud Services including a new logo, templates, graphic charter, and naming.

2017-2019: CCS viability demonstrated
Through a business model, market study, strategy, operational marketing and promotion, CCS viability was demonstrated.

January 2017 DSNA organises #IOD@Days at the DTI.
This special event dedicated to innovation brought together the key European stakeholders. CCS was presented at the event and a demonstration was completed.

2014-2016 Launch and successful completion of the feasibility study

Over two years into the project, the feasibility study was completed covering all necessary fields – operational, technical, security, safety, interoperability, institutional, legal and economic aspects, testifying to the viability of the project.
Furthermore, during October and November 2016 CCS trials, involving DSNA, ENAV, MATS and skyguide, were successfully completed. 

2014 CCS : the birth of a winning project and international partnership between 3 ANSPs

CCS started with a brilliant unprecedented idea of Daniel Weder, CEO of skyguide: to create the VIRTUAL CENTER based on a single data center to feed two ops rooms.
Later, ENAV and DSNA would team up with skyguide to launch the CCS Project. This was the beginning of a winning collaboration between three ANSPs.