Coflight is the most advanced flight plan processing system currently on the market, combining high-level performances and predictability. CCS development is closely linked with the Coflight system in order to benefit from the latest advantages and take ATM to the next level of technology.

Coflight Cloud Services provides users with automatic updates of the Coflight system in real time. Skyguide, the first customer and partner in the CCS project, signed the contract for the commissioning of Step 1 in March 2020. As a result, the Swiss ANSP will benefit from an upgrade of the system at the end of 2020. Upgrades are included in the overall CCS service offering.

Advanced features already under development

Coflight teams are currently working on the following additional features with a launch planned for the end of 2020:

  • Flight data operator (FDO): when the flight plan is integrated into Coflight, a check is performed directly. It allows the incoming data to be rejected and corrected. In this way, Skyguide can further develop its HMI, as the data transmitted by the system will be directly adapted.
  • Coordination and transfer (C&T): advanced function under development. This operation will cover the activities related to what happens in case the coordination phase reaches a rejection state. In this case, the coordination agreement should be performed by telephone and then the controller must perform the operation to feed the system.

CCS, contributing to the digital transformation of aviation

CCS will perform regular updates on the system at the rate of one upgrade per year. Included in the fixed price, customers benefit from permanent and flawless technological expertise thanks to the latest functionalities implemented.