In the environmental worldwide green context, the “Flight Efficiency” concept has been developed by Eurocontrol to facilitate the achievement of several orientations developed in the SESAR program. This initiative is offering the ATM operators to move towards best routes in order to flight faster or more cost-effectively.

By definition, the perfect flight through “flight efficiency” objective means the reach of the lowest possible level of fuel consumption and C02 emissions from take-off to engine shutdown.

To succeed in this challenge, airspace users need to change their way to operate, by focus on the optimization of each individual flight in a global network context, so that it has an impact on all European traffic. The “flight efficiency” thus propose a long-term solution for the global European Air traffic, in line with new environmental issue.

CCS, with its new generation interoperable E-FDP system is committed to this modernization program in favor of the environment. To be close to European expectations, CCS is facilitating the implementation of three of the four actions lines identified by DGAC (French ministry of ecological and solidarity transition to which its partner DSNA is attached) about “flight efficiency”:

  • Promoting more efficient flight profiles
  • Reduce fuel consumption (and travel time)
  • Achieving better traffic predictability

More efficient flights thanks to better traffic predictability

Coflight Cloud Services is bringing tangible progress for Air Traffic Management modernization. The system allows a better predictability offering the possibility of anticipating trajectories and adjusting flight route in real time. Through this innovative service, CCS shares Coflight technological advances in the service of the environment on the key points following: optimization of flights trajectories, anticipation of arrival sequences and better ground management. This last criteria about airport taxi times represents a real sources of savings and are dependent of an optimized air traffic anticipation.

With the aim to meet the ambitions of the Single European Sky while providing solutions in terms of environmental performance, CCS also facilitates the implementation of these guidelines through data sharing solution.

“Flight efficiency” needs datasharing solution to be fully exploitable

The concept of “Flight Efficiency” needs ATM tools harmonization so that the information remains consistent when sharing data. This solution results a most dynamic use of the network, best flights plan planning resulting of savings in fuel, miles and time per aircraft.

Indeed each ATM user needs to adapt their activity according to flights plan data upgrading to react at the right time. For instance, the traffic improvement as anticipation of congested airspaces by readjusting trajectories to fly within another sector is an add value that ATM needs which can only work if datasharing are standardized. Based on Virtual Centre concept, CCS comes to provide a solution thanks to the interoperable system with different HMI, that answering to this market expectation about ATM modernization.

CCS implements several initiatives to improve cooperation and sharing of operational European solutions. The exchange of information with airspace users will result in important advance for launched operational project and initiatives. All the benefits provided by the system tend to move ATM towards a modernized system offering users considerable flight optimization benefits in terms of cost, time and environmental impact.