The official signing of the service provision contract for CCS Technical Integration of Coflight Cloud Services took place on July 1st, 2020. The contract was signed by Alex Bristol, CEO of skyguide, Maurice Georges, the CEO of DSNA, and Paolo Simioni, the CEO of ENAV. 

With this milestone, CCS teams are extremely proud to announce the official launch of the 1st service contract of Coflight Cloud Services.

Guillaume Ramonet, the programme director of Coflight says:  “ I would like to thank all the teams for their investment, founded on many years of development, which enabled them to meet the deadlines and provide a first service step to our fellow ANSP in Switzerland. Step by step, we are making a major contribution to the digital transformation that the ATM community needs to build the sky of tomorrow.”

To celebrate this CCS milestone, the fruit of successful international collaboration and partnership,  we asked each of the CEOs what the signature of this contract represents.

Maurice Georges, the CEO of DSNA
The signature of this contract is proof that ANSPs are genuinely working together in innovative new ways to build the Single European sky. In particular, CCS is paving the way for ATM data Service Provision deployment in line with the Airspace Architecture Study. CCS teams are developing services based on the new Coflight product developed by Thales and Leonardo to improve ANSP services and they have successfully addressed the technical, operational and legal challenges to register as a pioneer in the European SWIM registry. This new ATM architecture is more scalable, standardized and more based on services opening up a new world of cooperation among the ATM community.

Paolo Simioni, the CEO of ENAV
Like Maurice,  I would like to highlight the collaborative and cooperative approach with DSNA and Skyguide, which has made possible the Coflight Cloud Services project – the remote provision of Flight Data Processing service. We have been building this project together over the years, in the spirit of true partnership, putting together teams with different skills and in a multicultural environment. This signature represents an important achievement for us and for the ATM community.

The ongoing digitalisation of European ATM has a crucial role to play to ensure that Europe’s ATM system is capable of meeting safety requirements as well as the growing demand for air traffic while also responding to environmental needs; And this is even more important in this challenging time for aviation, due to the Covid-19 crisis, when synergies and efficiency are even more important. 

In this respect ATM can certainly benefit from innovative Service Provision models in the digital environment, in that technology can help us do what we already do today better but also by empowering us to do things differently, for example developing new service models for ATM. The CCS solution is  perfectly aligned with the ongoing activities in Europe in the framework of the Digital European Sky and in particular in terms of achieving the ATM Data Service Provision concept.

Alex Bristol, the CEO of skyguide:  
This marks an important step on skyguide’s path towards a virtual centre, location independence and a service-orientated operation, all of which are critical to skyguide’s strategy and future success. I also welcome the excellent collaboration with our partners’ organisations in this ambitious project which is paving the way for the future of Air Traffic Management and the Single European Sky.

What’s next?

CCS is currently working on the design and launch of step 2,the preparatory work will occur until end 2020.. Next year will therefore be decisive for CCS in order to ensure the implementation of this second step. 

Moreover, CCS now benefits from updates made on Coflight. A version upgrade is planned for the last quarter of 2020.