SAFe AGILE framework is a program management method consisting in delivering value as quickly as possible and in a regular way. Lately, this approach has been offering a new dynamic to the development of the CCS project.

François Raymond, the Program management officer expresses his vision of the methodology: “This project management is effective for CCS and helps empower the teams through their engagement roles. The actors thus move forward in a uniform way by committing to their incoming delivery, and prioritising them to achieve the highest added value for the customer”

One of the main added values of CCS is its customer focus and ATM market oriented approach, especially in terms of implementing the SESAR European R&D program outputs and delivering SWIM compliant ATM services.

In this way, the CCS SAFe AGILE process allows to regularly deliver different services on short cycles.

Mrs Piccinelli, CCS “Release Train Engineer” and Mr Tetard, skyguide gateway “Product Owner”, during the Program Increment Planning meeting.

During this meeting, the goal of the incoming increment is detailed by the main SAFe roles: “Product management”, “System Architect” and “Release Train Engineer”. The objective is to synchronize the 3 international agile development teams. Each team estimates and commits to what will be delivered and highlights the dependencies and the risks. Finally, a global roadmap with a prioritized and agreed set of outcomes is endorsed.

This is a key step in the SAFe AGILE framework.

The above picture features the international ANSP collaboration between CCS members. The team is currently in the final stages of development and contract preparation before the execution of the first Technical Integration service scheduled for 2020.

SAFe AGILE framework is part of the innovation methods deployed by CCS. Innovation is at the core of the system thanks to a collaborative process development and cost sharing method. Read here.