The Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) established an experienced and professional think tank called “Wise Persons Group”. In April 2019, the Wise Persons Group published their report about the future of the Single European Sky following SESAR program. They were commissioned to make recommendations for the European ATM future in order to deliver better performance and services in a growing air traffic context


The report formulated ten collective recommendations analyzing best solutions for additional ATM capacity in a flexible, scalable and cost saving manner.


Out of the ten recommendations, Coflight Cloud Services is fully engaged in achieving three of them, especially regarding ATM market development concerning data service providers as recommended by the Airspace Architecture Study (AAS).


The report states the following solution:


Creating a resilient ATM system will require an evolution of this model; the collaborative management of the airspace, through remote provision of air traffic services, will only be possible if all needed ATM data is available across the network. This requires a transition towards common ATM data service provision in support of several ATS providers simultaneously. Common ATM data services mainly require computational resources, are less dependent on human actors, and therefore are easily scalable.”*

*Report of the Wise Persons Group on the future of the Single European Sky, April 2019, p16


CCS offers a shift to the new recommended service delivery model that enables rationalization of the local infrastructure. The system operates as a certified external entity providing services and European standards. Data sharing increases the level of collaboration between air traffic providers and allows reducing cost in term of maintenance and management thanks to automation.


According to the recommendations, CCS provides a more resilient ATM system, ensuring flexibility, respect of European standards and meeting environmental challenges, through a data rich and cyber-secured connected ecosystem. 


A progressive collaborative approach

The report defined that the implementation of these recommendations requires a collective effort for development. To go further, CCS invites new partners to join the project through a progressive collaborative approach in order to build “the Digital Single European Sky” together.