To modernize the Air Traffic Management sector and drive the digital transformation in order to build the sky of tomorrow, Coflight Cloud Services (CCS) offers a collaboration by merging ANSP expertise and technological innovation from industrial partners. All stakeholders are working together to move forward and innovate Air Traffic Services

Coflight Cloud Services is developed by DSNA and ENAV which are members of the A6 alliance, the six leading air navigation services providers (ANSP) in Europe. The two major ANSPs chose Thales & Leonardo as technological subcontractors.

Consequently, these two ATM industrial leaders developed Coflight, the most advanced Flight Data Processing System in Europe. It’s a reliable high-performance solution allowing CCS to bring the air navigation sector to the next level delivering the technological innovation needed.

A superior performance delivered by two European industrial leaders

Thales is the world leader in air traffic management solutions and has the largest solutions and technologies with over 360 TopSky, 7,000 navaids, 700 surveillance radars, and 1,800 ADS-B and multilateration equipment. An impressive 2 out of every 3 planes around the world land and take-off with the help of Thales.

Thales represents a key player in all major ATM modernization initiatives. The company focuses on international harmonization, and their strong involvement in all initiatives and collaboration ensures that their solutions deployed have been extensively tested, certified and validated

Leonardo is the second strong CCS industrial subcontractor: over 150 countries worldwide are using their radar systems and control centers. At the heart of Leonardo’s innovation is an understanding of how urban mobility has evolved and developed during the several years of leadership in Air Traffic Management. In this context, Leonardo is engaged with a range of innovative solutions for the present or the future needs, with  cost-saving and environmentally friendly solutions.

In conclusion, CCS, Thales and Leonardo share the same crucial objectives concerning ATM solutions in order to handle future traffic growth in a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.