Challenged by growing demands from airspace users and increasing cost pressure in the European context, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) need to work with more efficient and flexible methods to go forward with seamless airspace.

Based on SESAR program in the Airspace Architecture Study context, CCS is an enabler of the Virtual Centre and speeds up this concept development with a first operational deployment of the system for 2020. In this capacity, Coflight Cloud Services is improving ANSP harmonization through ATM capacity and cost efficiency in Europe.

By definition, the virtual center takes in account several Air Traffic Control units (ATSU) to operate from different sites, by decoupling controllers from the ATM data service providers, such as flight data, radar and weather information. It requires standard data in order to manage information, processes, resources and infrastructure. In this way, the Virtual Centre reduces costs by promoting process harmonization within and between ANSPs.

How does CCS fit into this Virtual Centre initiative?

The Virtual Centre Model powered by CCS has a system based on more operational flexibility, agility, service continuity and cost efficiency. The system is considered as a key enabler for Virtual Centre by providing infrastructure rationalization and airspace delegation solutions.

Moreover, through the innovative CCS cost-sharing model, several ANSPs remotely use the same Coflight system to deliver FDP services. This has the advantage of sharing investment and operating costs fairly according to their respective activities.

In this way, CCS contributes to considerably reducing service costs for ANSPs whatever their size with regards to infrastructures, electricity, maintenance and human resources. 

CCS proved performance with its demonstration in Frequentis Executive Day

During the SESAR Virtual Centre Executive Demo Day in Vienna in October 2019, CCS data center was connected to 3 HMIs from different suppliers located in different places throughout Europe. It was a great performance for the development team to show around 100 flights using an interoperable system simultaneously.

By reducing ATM fragmentation through standardization and interoperability, CCS brings to ANSPs a new technology era and delivers optimized costs and safer services. The system increases user efficiency, and promotes cross-border cooperation, through seamless airspace.