Since the development of the first CCS service, the “Technical Integration Service”, the teams have continued to invest in the project deployment and progress. The launch of Step 2 at the beginning of 2021 has represented an important milestone for all parties involved: ENAV, DSNA and skyguide. The new initial “Validation Service” will be developed and the Technical Integration Service will be extended. Another major objective of the Step 2 will be to align the three players with the ATM Data Service Provider (ADSP) concept and its regulatory context accordingly.

ADSP concept

The Single European Sky SES 2+ introduced the concept of ADSP at European level. Its main objective is to modernise the management of European airspace and pursue the digital transition to reduce delays, costs & transports emissions up to 10%. Some SES 2+ proposals to secure safe and cost-effective air traffic management services are the following:

  • ADSP certification
  • Promote a European market for data services
  • Provide more sustainable and efficient flight routes
  • Streamline the economic regulation of air traffic services
  • Coordinate closely the innovative solutions

The ADSP concept is indeed new and therefore raises many questions. skyguide’s roadmap for CCS is clear: by 2026, CCS should be able to carry out operations with real-time processing of aircraft flights. This leaves four years to complete all the development work and to settle the regulatory aspects.

Regulatory context

The CCS teams therefore met at the beginning of June to analyse this document and to make concrete proposals for CCS. At the end of this technical meeting, four themes were identified, as well as the questions they raise:

  • Certification: which kind of certification does an ADSP need? Initially the aim is to start the analysis and possibilities with NSAs. Later on, it may also be necessary to coordinate with the European Commission and EASA.
  • Liability & Insurance: what are the legal measures to be put in place? What are the contractual rules between the parties?
  • Sovereignty: What requirements from a military point of view? In the context of CCS, no legal basis for specific military requirements has been included. In addition, what is the impact of the sovereignty of the different countries participating in CCS: France, Switzerland and Italy? Sovereignty of the data exchanged, shared?
  • Security: Which common process in term of security, which supervision body? Which security data sharing in case of cyber threat?

CCS, as a forerunner of the ADSP concept, will have to answer these four questions in collaboration with the competent institutions, before entering in full operation.  

To do so, two meetings : one technical and the second with CEOs, bringing ANSP, NSA and state representatives of France, Italy & Switzerland will be organized on S2 2021. Global objective will be to discuss these four points and to launch the first works.