The Base of Aircraft Data (BADA) is an Aircraft Performance Model with corresponding database maintained and developed by Eurocontrol with the cooperation of aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Its main application is aircraft trajectory simulation and prediction algorithms within the domain of Air Traffic Management. Aircraft performance parameters and trajectories thus can be calculated using information and data sharing in BADA.
Access to this data files is authorized to a number of Air Traffic Control or research organizations in Europe working on projects related to the European Union.

Total Energy Model

The model that BADA used is a called Total Energy Model (TEM). TEM equates the rate of work done by forces acting on the aircraft to the rate of increase in potential and kinetic energy*.

Coflight is BADA approved

The Coflight team has undertaken with their industrial partners Leonardo and Thales the verification of the TEM algorithms implementation which is integrated in Coflight profile component.

On February 3rd, the Eurocontrol Aircraft Performance expert confirmed that Coflight respects all algorithms and others guidelines provided through BADA User Manual. This certification highlights Coflight’s performance in the prediction and precision of flight trajectories.

This is a new recognition for Coflight Cloud Services. Indeed, the service is again supported by Coflight’s performance to optimally launch the first service step in March 2020. CCS is thus BADA approved in the same way as Coflight!

* Base of Aircraft Data Product Management Document