DSNA innovation laboratory : the Hub Innovations

Since June, the DSNA has been working on the reorganisation of its innovation laboratory, the Hub Innovations, within its premises in Toulouse. With a view to modernising and facilitating innovation, this space will be accessible to all employees and partners wishing to

  • Have access to a creative space to develop ideas
  • To be welcomed in the framework of their innovation project
  • Have access to an innovative digital infrastructure as well as to an open and agile environment and simulation means.

The laboratory is organised into several rooms, each dedicated to a particular field:

  • A creative space
  • “La Forge”, providing the digital software, platforms and data solutions needed to accelerate development.
  • An “Atelier” to host innovative projects,
  • Two rooms dedicated to the validation of concepts and projects,
  • A space dedicated to Supervision
  • And another for the Coflight project

CCS innovation room

The Coflight Cloud Services teams have a dedicated space to create, develop and share their innovative ideas. The Coflight room is composed of a modular space allowing them to work in groups, with a screen on a stand that can be remotely connected (to Klaxoon for example) to carry out their monitoring or create new boards. There is also a demonstrator area, where simulations can be carried out and demos can be made in real time.

The aim is to provide CCS employees with a dynamic and welcoming space in which they can express their creativity. This place should allow employees from different teams to come together to share their experience and develop collective intelligence. With this laboratory, CCS hopes to create the good conditions to bring out and support innovations (technical environment, availability of resources, pooling, etc.), and support innovators by providing them the right means and environment to develop and promote their project. Finally, this place has been set up to encourage new ways of working and collaboration so that each employee and partner can express himself and share his experience in a different environment.