On 24 and 25 March, a Swiss Skyguide-SkySoft-ATM delegation visited the DSNA teams in Toulouse, for coordination and technical work sessions in the framework of the Virtual Centre, addressed by the SESAR Programme through the delegation of space between En-route control centres (PJ10 Solution #93 and PJ32).

Skyguide is coordinating the EXE#3 validation exercise, which will be held in October 2022 and will also involve Indra, DFS, NATS and Frequentis: the partners will implement control positions in Switzerland and Germany, fed with flight plan data by DSNA, through the Coflight Cloud Services (CCS) solution. By providing flight plan services based on a remote virtualised Coflight (whose servers are located at DSNA), CCS will thus play the role of ADSP (ATM Data Service Provider).

This two-day workshop has provided great opportunities to share expectations, objectives and constraints, refine tight planning and coordinate actions of the teams.

Time was shared between management and coordination sessions, technical workshops for dataset adaptation and demonstration of CCS technical supervision. An integration session for the Skysoft real-time simulator and a demonstration of technical supervision took place in the DSNA Innovations Hub, in the CCS room inaugurated last November. The partners appreciated the accessibility, connectivity and comfort of this workspace.

Live interactions and informal discussions have been key to raising and mitigating risks linked to operational and technical significance of EXE3, including ATCOs training and setup of delegation process.

Due to the pandemic, if was the first time that the teams had an opportunity to meet in person since the project started in 2020, so the atmosphere was very constructive and friendly, and these two days were unanimously appreciated, with the promise to meet again soon!