The official signing of the service provision contract for Coflight Cloud Services (CCS) Technical Integration Service between skyguide and CCS, in July 2020 is a major step in the on-going deployment of the service. This achievement has been possible thanks to a successful international collaboration and partnership between skyguide, DSNA and ENAV. CCS teams continue to demonstrate their commitment to improve and expand CCS services.

New version of Coflight

Despite this difficult context, the teams are still working in Agile way to integrate the new Coflight version, carried by Thales and Leonardo, and to improve CCS services. This phase will be running till the end of December, with an entry into service on January the 1st, 2021. The integration of this update is done in accordance with the skyguide service contract.

The tests of this CCS release is being finalized by the members of DSNA and ENAV with an objective of deployment in November in Paris. This new Coflight version has been also integrated on the 4-Flight program in France and will be integrated in 4F Italy.

Two main benefits for CCS and these customers have to be highlighted in this new release:

  • More stability to the CCS platform
  • The addition of two new features: Flight Data Operator features (FDO) to update, correct, create, and delete Flight Plan and weather with the possibility to upload the meteorological previsions into the system.

CCS development is running according to the plan and stay totally aligned with the requirements of the Single European Sky (SES) and the Airspace Study Architecture, particularly being part of the ATM Data Service Provider (ADSP) concept.

Considering this COVID-19 period crisis, CCS team continues to move forward by adapting and using the means of new technologies. The objective is to secure CCS step 2 (2021-2022) for the end of 2020.