In this period of massive teleworking, digital tools are massively popular to allow continuity and fluidity in the exchanges of employees. In this particular context, it is essential to consolidate communication and collaboration tools around a long-term digital strategy. This is what Coflight Cloud Services offers to its French and Italian teams in order to animate a sustainable collective project.

The implementation of collaborative tools

Companies must respond to three major challenges to improve their operations and productivity: ensuring information sharing, cross-functional communication and creating a modern and productive work environment.

The digital strategy is part of this context and must be sustainable and secure in order to inform, reassure and support employees while continuing to boost the company’s projects.

For this reason, digital workplaces must meet the following objectives:

  • Improving communication
  • Increase collaboration
  • Facilitating information exchange

They do this through digitalised boards, innovative applications and via the cloud. They thus enable remote collaboration in an asynchronous and common way. This guarantees a global operation of the company across geographical borders and time zones.

These new technologies contribute to the creation of a favourable environment that both supports the life challenges of their employees and stimulates their individual creativity to ensure sustainable productivity.

International digital collaboration is at the heart of CCS. Indeed, CCS teams are established on three different geographies. It is therefore essential to ensure and facilitate their remote exchanges. As the collaborators are both business and technical people, a strategic alignment of information is a key element. In addition, the flexibility and agility deployed within the teams allows for coordination and controlled progress of projects.

Digital and collaborative solutions therefore participate in the creation of a virtuous cycle that capitalizes on information and contributes to building the organization’s collective knowledge. Once this particular period is over, human contacts via: seminars, workshops, teambuilding, should be a priority in order to consolidate progress and enable everyone to keep up to date. These real exchanges have to be combined with digital tools in order to ensure a common trajectory within the organisation.