At the beginning of January, the first SAFe event of the year, PI Planning, took place. Members of ENAV, skyguide and DSNA had actively participated to propose concrete actions for the launch of Step 2. In order to pursue with agile principles, the members of Coflight Cloud Services have participated in April to two important events: the Inspect & Adapt and the PI Planning n°2. These two events were carried out, with the guidance and organisation of Sopra Steria Group’s Agile coach.

Inspect & Adapt: the key event in continuous improvement

The Inspect & Adapt workshop is the key event for continuous improvement at programme level. It took place in mid-April over a 3-hour session composed by three parts:

  1. Demonstrations: showing what has been achieved so far
  2. Results of the first PI Planning and review of commitments with actionable KPIs: the aim is to focus on a limited number of indicators to guide action
  3. The Problem solving workshop: brainstorm on root cause analysis for most relevant problems encountered and collectively agree on effective solutions. The objective is to make a complete and effective analysis in order to make better progress on the actions.

The actions taken during the Inspect & Adapt are then planned in the PI Planning Sprints and followed up by the programme managers.

PI Planning 2: state of play and new challenges for the teams

This second PI Planning took place a few days after the Inspect & Adapt, over two days. The event started with a report on the Inspect & Adapt (process, results), so that everyone could have the same level of information. The Business Owner then presented the business and technical expectations to the teams. Finally, the scope intent for this 2nd increment have been communicated.

The rest of the event took place in the same way as the first one, with group working sessions to propose action plans, a risk analysis and the objectives of the iteration, supported by interactive digital tools (Teams & Klaxoon) that facilitate full-remote meetings.

Results of the events

These two major events of the agile methodology undertaken by CCS, allowed all participants to share and communicate on the progress of their objectives as well as present their problems. Here are the main outcomes of these events:

  • High level reporting on the progress of the first iteration for all teams
  • Creation of PI objectives for the teams: each team makes one with committed and uncommitted objectives for the next increment
  • PI Planning objectives sharing for the whole programme

Finally these two events allowed employees to express themselves and share the vision on ongoing actions. The exchanges were very rich, underlining a real need for more regular sharing sessions for most of the teams, especially since the widespread use of teleworking due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The work on these events does not stop there. The managers now have to monitor the actions progress and adjust them all along the progress of this second increment if necessary.