Sub-optimal usage of available airspace

The current European ATM system is a fragmented network composed of national ATM systems. Each of them is operated by a national Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP).  In this way, the current limits on interoperability (IOP) and data sharing result in limitations on flight predictability. Therefore, the Air Traffic network as a whole is managed in a sub-optimal manner and represents a serious challenge to make the ATM network fully efficient.

Modernizing Europe’s ATM is essential and the use of new technologies in line with the latest standards of the aviation sector is encouraged by the SESAR program.

Indeed, SESAR supports the European Commission (EC) goal to achieve sky defragmentation through virtualization and free flow of data among trusted users across borders.

Coflight and the digital aviation era by IOP

Coflight aims to share flight data to enable the digital Single European Sky with an optimal coordination. Consequently, DSNAENAV and their subcontractors, Thales and Leonardo, are closely working on four axes:

  • To define IOP roadmap for coordinated deployment
  • To support standardization with EUROCAE
  • To implement IOP functionalities in Coflight products as CCS
  • To position CCS as an active player in SESAR program about IOP in SES deployment

Coflight projects the IOP initial deployment by 2024.

Efficient ATM digital coordination

Interoperability optimizes data exchanges between all Air Traffic service actors and improves the Airspace Users’ decision making.
The whole set of flight information is continuously shared and CCS will allow dynamic coordination and functionality delegation as follows :

  • Dynamic updates on transfer conditions
  • Advanced negotiation tool (WIFO)
  • Phone call reduced to minimum
  • Continuous flight information sharing

Concerning functionality, digital delegation is conveyed with all partners:

  • Negotiation of route modification or coordination data shares in the IOP cloud
  • Data management in the IOP cloud insuring consistency or at least sharing the discrepancies

By these features, CCS follows the requirements of the SES initiative for the development of clear standards and cost-effective solutions that promote interoperability. Thus, the system is on the way to promoting greater standardization in Europe, a priority for the ATM community.