On 12 & 13 December 2019, the CCS team met in Paris to share two intense days focused on workshop, team building and team spirit.

The 40 members of the various CCS teams attended the end-of-year seminar. The CEOs of the three organizations honored the team with their presence. During these 2 days, everybody was focused on the main objective: delivering the 1st operational service by March 2020 at the WAC in Madrid.

Teamwork highlighted by winning international cooperation

The teams got to know each other and exchanged ideas on this common project. The positive state of mind reflected the good relationship between team members, the fluidity of exchanges and the versatility of skills. Each actor knew his role in the project and his designated path ahead. In addition, the teams had the opportunity to reinforce their cohesion and mutual support through innovative, fun team building activities.

2020: a key year for the launch of CCS

CCS is committed to delivering the first step of operational service during its presentation at WAC 2020 in Madrid. The challenge is important: the first customer and partner, skyguide, will contract the project in order to deploy the first operational service within their system.

In addition, CCS is working in a SAFe agile framework: this means that the deployment of the first operational step will give way to the development of the second service. Thus, CCS aims to reveal the content of the validation service for the year 2020. .

Also, 2020 will officially demonstrate that the interface is standardized thanks to SESAR and SWIM compliance. CCS is part of a long-term environment that could be reinforced by future international partnerships.

CEOs have full confidence in the project teams

After presenting the strategic development axes, Maurice Georges (DSNA), Roberta Neri (ENAV) and Alex Bristol (SKYGUIDE) took the time to talk with the teams.

The three CEOs are proud of this international cooperation, which is showing positive results. The seminar highlighted the team’s multicultural strengths and multifaceted skills. CCS is the tangible proof that an international partnership represents both an internal and external force in project development.

CCS is reaching its final phase of development for the 1st step of the CCS service. Everyone is convinced that CCS is a driver and strategic element for the sector. Thanks to the innovation of the system and its development methodology, CCS represents a pilot project for the DSNA. This beneficial working method is about to be developed in many new projects.

In light of the successful deployment, CCS plans to operate aircraft with the five CCS services by 2024.