Thanks to a close collaboration between DSNA, ENAV, and SWIM Governance, the Coflight Cloud Services team announces that CCS is part of the first candidate SWIM service published in the European registry.

The implementation of the agile Safe method throughout the development of the project as well as this international cooperation has allowed this first positive result to be achieved in a relatively short time at the European level.

Established as part of the development of activities related to the Virtual Center within the SESAR program, CCS is pleased to announce the initial conformity of the first service for registration: CCS operational configuration management. This first step attests to the ambition of CCS to develop services which meet the needs of future customers in line with SWIM services.

The CCS system architect states:  

“This is a very important first step for our international partnership as it demonstrates to future customers our willingness to implement the five service steps in a logic of conformity, quality and reliability for the long term”.

Pierre Adrien MAREST

Indeed, CCS fosters interoperability and modularity of European ATM systems. This is in line with the European strategic orientations concerning virtual centres and the use of SWIM services.

CCS project leaders and its European partners are maintaining this development dynamic in order to quickly obtain a first CCS service with a SWIM “compliant” status.

In this way, all validated CCS services will be submitted to swim governance as candidates in the framework of the “technical integration service”.

SWIM is therefore continuing its implementation for 2020, closely supported by Coflight Cloud Services.