Since the beginning of 2021, all the CCS teams have been mobilised to ensure the development and launch of new initiatives for CCS.  They are working together to prepare and anticipate future technological changes. The aim is to ensure that Coflight is continuously updated and improved without affecting the services provided to the customer.

In the first instance, the new version of Coflight was deployed at the beginning of the year, thanks to the collaboration between Thales, Leonardo, ENAV, DSNA and skyguide. In order to continue this dynamic, the DSNA teams have been working since January on the creation of a Coflight demonstrator in the form of an exploratory MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This activity, carried out in agile mode, aims to demonstrate the feasibility of porting Coflight components to recent “cloud native” technologies while preserving the existing functional core.

To do this, the teams have carried out the first phases of prototyping focused on the architecture of the system base. For the future, the objective is to migrate and integrate the specific Coflight code to the functional use cases identified in the MVP scope.

Today the demonstrator is built on a service Mesh architecture basis and implements the essential communications between the components (micro-services and distributed data exchange). It will expose data through standardised services. A first version of the demonstrator is expected in the last quarter of 2021.

In parallel with these exploratory development activities, the team also aims to study the issues of performance guarantees, software assurance and consistency with the partners’ security policy.