Despite this particular context, the Coflight Cloud Services teams continue to show commitment and dedication to contribute to the development of CCS. The major achievement at the beginning of this year is the commissioning of the new version of Coflight. We look back on this important step and its achievement thanks to the collaboration of Thales, Leonardo, ENAV, DSNA and skyguide.

Coordination and adaptation of teams for successful deployment

These activities began at the beginning of November, with the switch to the new version at Paris ACC: installation, non-regression testing and validation by skyguide. The version, which was successfully deployed and tested in mid-December, includes the application of a weather patch. A problem in the trajectory calculation had been detected in the course of the CCS activities, and this problem was analysed and escalated to the Thales and Leonardo teams.

Thanks to the coordination of these different teams and their strong reactivity throughout the processing chain, a patch was proposed to reinforce the Coflight product. This will be used by CCS but also by the 4-Flight programme.

This new version brings an improvement in the security of connection to the weather server. It also allows the addition of a new feature, the Flight Data Operator.

All the teams: the Paris ACC technical department, the DTI integration and validation team, ENAV management team and the development and validation teams on skyguide side have shown great adaptability in deploying and validating this new version.

In conclusion, despite the sanitary restrictions that made the work of all the teams more complex, all the objectives for the end of 2020 have been met or even exceeded. This means that the CCS services planned for the whole of 2021 are now offered from Paris ACC platform.

ENAV and DSNA teams are now ready to embark on the CCS second phase, which aims to strengthen the technical integration service by doubling its operating volume and the availability of the first simulation functionalities. The Step 2 will also start paving the way for the future operational use of CCS Solution, with the collaborative creation of an initial operational dataset for skyguide and its validation, through the initial validation service.