As part of Step 2 achievements, CCS catalogue now includes a set of off-line tools, mostly dedicated to dataset management and technical exploitation. One of the most challenging realisations was the development of a new deployment tool named COSMIC (Coflight and Swimbox Manager for Installation and Configuration), which can be used on both provider platforms, in Paris ACC and on the future Rome platform.

Before summer 2022, the CCS teams performed the installation of CCS instances in Paris ACC with this new tool, ensuring both smooth operation and the training of the experts to use COSMIC in full autonomy.

The installation started with a clean-up of the network addressing and the creation of a remote access from Toulouse to ensure support.  In a dynamic and interactive atmosphere, three instances of CCS virtualised platforms were set up and installed with COSMIC. At the same time, documentation and tool prototype were adjusted in live. To conclude these successful sessions, the technical service teams in Paris were trained to take control of the tool and execute future deployments in autonomy.

The implementation of this tool will allow the provider to deploy the various CCS components (Coflight, SCALP, etc.), the Coflight dataset and the scripts more quickly, which is key for the operational use of Coflight (and CCS future).

This COSMIC prototype will continue to evolve, particularly in terms of ergonomics and automation: the different steps of the deployment process will be simplified, allowing decreasing workload on provider side and gaining time for deployment on a new dataset requested by the customer. A prototype for HMI is also under discussion and could be developed during the Step 3.