Since the beginning of Step 2 (January 2021), the CCS teams have been working on CCS dataset building for skyguide. After initiating the dataset and integrating some local Swiss data, the objective now, at the same time as the dataset building continuing, is to put in place the tooling chain on which skyguide will rely to manage its CCS dataset. The final objective at the end of Step 2 is to deliver to skyguide the initial comprehensive dataset with the associated support service, “data preparation service”.

A tooling chain for Skyguide

In order to manage and modify the dataset using the Off-line platform, the skyguide customer will need a set of tools. Three essential tools are therefore required:

  • DPR: Coflight tool allowing the off-line preparation of environmental and technical data and system parameters. DPR offers different services on dataset such as consultation, definition, import, export and archive services. After the initialisation of the collections of dataset, a check as to be performed to validate that the collections are correctly input (semantic/consistency checks). If the check is valid, the dataset can be exported or archived, then deployed on the platform. The teams have already identified developments and improvements, which are planned for the summer.
  • GEDI: this tool consists to the update of published European data, such as list of points, airways, aerodromes… but also the performance data (BADA) that are used by Coflight.  This tool is used to upgrade AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control) cycle data, every 28 days. At each update, GEDI generates a report, which lists the dependencies that are to be updated (because impacted by the new AIRAC cycle data).
  • COSMIC (Coflight and Swimbox Manager for Installation and Configuration): CCS deployment tool. The new COSMIC tool will be enable to deployed the CCS platform in an automated manner. The teams are working on the deployment of a first version, which shall be available in March 2022 (end of PI5).

In addition to these three tools, which are essential for skyguide, there is a need of shared repository for provider and customer for CCS datasets versions. The use of GitLab tool has been retained because it offers a management of dataset and keeps track of the modifications made (saving each version, with details of the modifications made, as well as the name of the person who made them). It also allows organising the shared directories of the dataset. Currently, the functional off-line architecture has been agreed with skyguide, based on use cases. The technical architecture is still under consolidation, especially for remote access from Athis-Mons platform.

The ultimate goal is to make the tooling chain of dataset available remotely, so that skyguide can easily perform the necessary operations to update its CCS dataset and commit it into shared repository.