After having initiated the data collections (data classified according to their use and domain) and integrated the Swiss local information, CCS continues to develop its dataset. The CCS teams are now mobilising on the delivery of the first “Initial Comprehensive Dataset” for skyguide.

Key steps to provide the capability to skyguide to update the dataset

To fulfil this objective, CCS defines target architecture and provides a specific tool chaining for dataset preparation:

  1. Define the customer functional needs: How will the customer modify the dataset collections to integrate new data? The modifications can be done by collections or group of collections, either manually or through the use of specific customer converters.
  2. Provide remote access to DPR and GEDI tools :
    • GEDI allows automatic conversion of published European data into dataset collections (points, airways). GEDI generate also a report for traceability and the dependencies with other dataset collections.
    • DPR allows overall dataset coherence and checks that have to be done before deployment.
  3. Provide Dataset management tool (GIT): to have a common directory to store the versions of the dataset.
  4. Define target architecture taking into account skyguide’s functional needs. This step is in progress in collaboration with system team.

Current work on Step 2 PI-3

Following these development and creation stages, the teams have set themselves solid objectives for their activities:

  • The first step will be to add some collections with local Swiss data (LOAs continuing, OLDI/AFTN lines). Then carrying out the Verification process to ensure collections consistency. Specific scenarios will be run on dedicated dataset platform in 4-Flight environment. At the end of this step, the first version of pre-operational dataset will be ready to be deployed on integration platform.
  • Choose one Test Case from the Steps 1 of CCS to be run on the integration platform and adapt dataset if needed.
  • Deployed the pre-operational dataset on the integration platform and run the test case for demo. This will be the first pre-operational dataset technical validation by CCS.

The teams are therefore fully committed to completing their objectives on time and delivering a first version of the dataset to skyguide by the end of Step 2, in June 2022.