On the occasion of the World ATM Congress 2021, EUROCONTROL has published the new edition of its official magazine Skyway. Do not miss the article on the CCS project and its successful partnership between DSNA, ENAV and skyguide, on page 42.

Coflight Cloud Services (CCS) is a SWIM 4D trajectory service powered by Coflight new generation Flight Data Processing (FDP). Today, CCS became the first to publish its services in the SWIM registry with the conjunction of EUROCONTROL.

The article provides an overview of the CCS project and its progress. Among other things, the following points are discussed:

  • The added value of CCS: modular and interoperable architecture, collaborative approach
  • The expected benefits for ATM stakeholders: improving ATM safety, resilience and efficiency, using innovative cloud-based technologies and 4D trajectory optimisation.
  • Project status and next steps: contract signature with skyguide and delivery of the first CCS service, development and enhancement of the Technical Integration Service and the Initial Validation Service.
  • Presentation of CCS Step 2: ADSP concept, roadmap aligned with European issues and authorities

To read the full article on the Skyway magazine: Full article