The year 2021 gets off to a strong start for the DSNA, ENAV and skyguide teams. They have successfully completed the commissioning of the new version of Coflight at Paris ACC. They are now ready to embark and deploy their skills to make a success of Step 2 of Coflight Cloud Services.

This Step 2 started in January 2021 and will end in September 2022 with commissioning. The launch was initiated at the PI Planning event with all employees and stakeholders. The main objective of this period will be the provision of two services for skyguide:

  • Extended “Technical Integration Service” with new SWIM operations that will derive from the SESAR programmes.
  • Initial “Validation Service”: to provide skyguide with an initial dataset representative of the airspace and then to bring the initial service into operation. The initial validation service can then be used to update skyguide dataset.

Step 2 will also provide an opportunity to carry out an operational impact assessment, which will enable skyguide to increase the operational concept. Indeed, using CCS as an ADSP will have an operational impact on skyguide ATCOs. This assessment will support them to organize adequate training and/or implement technical mitigation.

Finally, this is an important period for DSNA, ENAV and skyguide to align continuously themselves around:

  • CCS & skyguide roadmaps
  • With the European landscape: SESAR, SWIM governance
  • With the authority: states and NSA

This step will be carried out by continuing to use of Agile principles and methods by all employees. The CCS teams are already well on this way to ensure the deployment and the success of Step 2. The excellent collaboration between the DSNA, skyguide and ENAV should once again prove its worth in achieving this milestone.