After a well-deserved holiday for all the CCS teams, the resumption of work promises to be busy and rich in key moments for the progress of the project. Since the launch of Step 2 in January, the teams have continued to make progress despite a particular context (health crisis and remote work). Here are the details of the next meetings for CCS.

Pursue the agile methodology

In the continuation of Step 2 and its development, the CCS teams have been applying the agile method for several months. After the Inspect & Adapt and PI Planning events in January, a new PI Planning event will take place in mid-September. The first two increments had full remote review, the increment three in progress, is done with hybrids review (one physics team in DSNA, another in Rome and the rest in remote). For the next PI Planning in September is to carry out the reviews in physics if the health situation allows it. The aim is to review progress, discuss the next challenges and to allow employees to meet face to face. Another PI Planning will take place before the end of the year, in November.

Challenge of ADSP concept

One of the major challenges of CCS is also to align the three stakeholders of the project, ENAV, DSNA and skyguide, on the concept of ADSP and the regulatory context it implies. To this end, the teams have carried out an initial analysis of the SES 2+ documents. The next step is to hold a technical workshop in early September to discuss the position of CCS as an ADSP enabler, and more particularly the regulatory aspects. Subsequently, a formal meeting with the CEOs of CCS partners (DSNA, ENAV and skyguide) and their counterparts representing the NSA & States will be held during the last quarter, to discuss and validate a common strategy. Finally, the activities will be launched at the beginning of 2022.

Strengthen links between employees

Finally, the objective for this resumption is to try, if the health situation allows, holding as many meetings as possible back into physical form. The teams need to meet again to recreate the link and meaning in their common tasks. It is in this sense that a cohesion or team building event will be organised during the last half of 2021.

CCS is therefore continuing its progress and the development of Step 2, thanks to the involvement of its teams. The health crisis has in no way slowed down activities but it is now necessary for the teams to be able to meet and exchange more easily during shared moments.