The Coflight Cloud Services STEP2 services provision agreements was officially signed at the World ATM Congress in Madrid on Tuesday 21 June. The contract was signed by Florian Guillermet CEO of DSNA, Paolo Simioni CEO of ENAV, Alex Bristol CEO and Klaus Meier CTO of Skyguide.

This important step for CCS, will allow Skyguide (and all other potential customers) to benefit from:

  • the extended Technical Integration Service : with new SWIM operations that will derive from the SESAR programme.
  • the Initial Validation Service : with an initial dataset representative of the airspace and then to bring the initial service into operation. The initial validation service can then be used to update skyguide dataset.

“Coflight Cloud Services is fully aligned with our Virtual Centre concept and strategy to move from assets to services. We intend to continue our digital and operational transformation heading to One Sky by One System for Switzerland. This transformation will then enable us to use CCS.  We intend to benefit from it both from an economic scalability and collaboration perspective, for the part of aeronautical data services, whilst keeping autonomy from the perspective of air traffic service delivery”, Klaus Meier, CTO of Skyguide.

This achievement was only possible thanks to the fruit of a successful international collaboration and partnership, as well as the full commitment of the teams.

What’s next?

Continuing the agile method, the CCS teams conducted an Inspect & Adapt on Step 2, at the end of June. This moment allowed them to take stock of the actions carried out and thus to continue to improve in order to carry out Step 3 of CCS, which will start soon.

With a strong focus on the future, the teams are preparing to launch the complementary service offerings: Operational, Contingency and Training Services, in the coming years.