Today Air Traffic Management system is composed of heterogeneous data or applications developed and managed individually and connected each other with dedicated format with a low level of interoperability. The needs for new technologies, more interoperability and flexibility are growing, while keeping in mind the objectives of reducing environmental footprints. The global ATM system needs to be restructured and standardised to provide collaborative decisions. This is where the implementation of the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) definitely makes sense.

What does SWIM provide to ATM stakeholders?

SWIM is a new way to manage ATM data for ATM stakeholders. Thanks to governance standards and a dedicated infrastructure, it allows information collection, harmonization and distribution to the right people at the right time. SWIM aims at being the common point of access for real time, relevant and reliable information to ATM stakeholders across Europe. This is a key enabler for ADSP strategy.

Essentials of SWIM:

  • Information services : provision of information among ATM stakeholders
  • Standard & interoperable data model : formatting and documentation of data
  • Open technical infrastructure : reliable and secure exchange of information
  • Common governance : definition, evolution of standards and services registration management

SWIM’s goal is clear: digitalize information and provide in a more flexible way, associated services to the ATM ecosystem.

Thanks to a dedicated SWIM team support the first SWIM projects have been co-implemented with partners. These initiatives are coordinated and controlled by SWIM governance through the SWIM registry (the access gateway of data). The publication of the first SWIM services by Coflight Cloud Services developed within the SESAR frameworks is the first example of this achievement.This deployment make CCS as the front-runner in Europe to facilitate flight data processing system for our customer skyguide.

SWIM is in line with the Single European Sky, SESAR Deployment Manager and Pilot Common Project (PCP) in order to achieve interoperability, flexibility and open the door for the digital sky.